Shipping Information

International Shipments

*Shipped via FedEx 

Domestic Shipments

*Shipped via Yamato
 (Yamato handling fees may apply)

When orders are shipped:
・If your item is in stock, it will ship within 7 days after payment has been recieved.
・For domestic shipments that are cash on delivery, your item will be shipped within 7 days after your order has been recieved.
・If you have ordered a custom item, or an item we don't currently have in stock but we were able to order for you, it will ship as soon as we are able to contact you to inform you that your order is ready.
・Products that are being processed (ex:Hi-Cor processing) will be shipped as soon as the processing has been completed.

Minibox Co., Ltd.
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Gunma, Japan 
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Business Hours 10:00a.m. 〜 7:00p.m.

 Closed: Sundays and National Holidays