Roddio_driver_type-s_3.jpg Roddio_driver_type-s_2.jpg    
  It shows off its power in every swing !  
  LOFT: 9°/10.5°      Lefty: Not Available 
VOLUME: 440cc
Head Concept:Designed to give players a smooth swing for a club length up to 45 inches.
  Custom Club  
  ◆Customers who choose a RODDIO head can choose the shaft, grip, club length, balance and etc. (sold seprately) to go with their RODDIO head to make an excellent RODDIO club. 
* This is not an option that can be done via the online shopping cart, and all though the price reflects the head only. The head cannot be purchased by itself. 
Please contact our expert staff to customise your tune-up. We will work with you to find the shaft that is best for you.
  2 Colors Available  
  Silver Titamium Face       Ion Black Face

RODDIO Type-S Head Tune-Up  
Head Price      
Head Price ¥70,200+Tune-Up Price ¥59,650=¥129,850  (Regular Price)
Tune-Up Combo Price ¥103,880 (Tax Included)
To order, click here to contact us, or cotact via telephone
TEL: 027-388-0707

◆Why We Reccomend this Head:

This is the only head in the world designed with a detachable sole that allows you to adjust the position of the weight internally enabling you to adjust the trajectory.

The head is made within the maximum limits of tour regulations, so giving this head a tune-up produces unbelievable COR results.


Face Restoration・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・

Internal Weight Adjustment・Position・Balance Head Silencing

Hosel ( 1°/ 2°)

¥28,800 (税込)

¥5,400 (税込)

¥2,160 (税込)
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Time to Complete an Order: It takes about 2 weeks for us to tune-up a head. Please understand that it can take an additional week if you choose to have the face restored. If the item you selected is out of stock, we will order it. We will contact you via e-mail with all of the details.
When you order a tune up, please understand that you are agreeing to a process that will void the manufacturer's warranty.