◆Vokey Design 2016 Special Limited Edition Staff Bag ¥64,800 (Tax Included)

● A modern design that is incredibly slim, yet still fits everything you need. 

● All unnecessary metals have been removed making this bag significantly lighter than others

● The base of the bag is the same size as a typical stand bag in order to provide excellent balance

● Features the BV Wing logo on one side and the Titleist logo on the other

● Has an embroidered Titleist logo on its base just like a professional tour bag

● Convenient hooks on the top left and right


◆ Made from PU soft leather
◆ Ellipse shaped top 24cm x 16 cm
Circle shaped bottom with a diameter of 24 cm
◆ Has five compartments
◆ 2 front pockets and 1 back pocket
◆ Nametag
◆ PU leathedr hood include

◆ Total weight: 4.3 kg