◆Laser Putt Reference Only 
 Laser Putt allows you to check the face angle at the moment of impact by and the follow through of your swing. The ball will travel in the direction that the laser is pointing making it easier to adjust the face angle. This also helps you to practice imagining where the ball will go based on your the direction of your face angle. Laser Putt is optimal for those who want to master their short or middle game.

※ Warning ※
Do not point the laser at people dierectly!
Do not point the laser directly into someone's eye!
Doing so may result in permanent damage to one's eyes, includeing potential blindness! !                      

@ Loosen the screw at the shaft attachment portion of the Laser Putt and open the clamp as shown in the picture on the left.

A Attach the Laser Putt to the shaft slighly below the grip of the putter.(tighten the screw to attach)

B Turn on the Laser Putt and adjust it so that the green laser is exactly perpendicular to the face of the putter.

CAdjust the red laser, shifiting it back and forth, so that it comes in front of the green laser, as seen in the picture on the left.