◆ Putter Cube ¥3,240 (Tax Included)
Designed for people who have too much movement in their right wrist during their putting stroke. Excessive movment in the wrist while putting is one of the number one concerns of most golfers. Practice with the putter cube will help you to train your wrist and reduce excess movement in your swing. If you can keep you wrist in the proper alignment from address through the stroke, you will greatly increase your accuracy.

※ Warning ※
Make sure to attache the putter cube firmly to the grip. If it is loose it could fall out, or slide around causing scratches on the putter or it's shaft. 
@Attach the Putter Cube to the tip of the grip using the attachment belt, so that the logo on the putter cube is facing out. It should be attached so that the cube is on the right side of the putter grip. (If you are putting left handed, the cube should be on the left hand side)
A Make sure your right wrist is pressed against the cube without any gaps.
(The cube is against your left wrist if you are putting left handed)
BKeep the putting cube against your wrist from the adress all the way through the follow through.