◆Pro Putt ¥5,400 (Tax Included)
Pro Putt is designed to help you make sure that your arm positioning is correct at address . Its not about changing your arm poisioning, so much as it is designereduceing the excess amount of wrist movomet in order to give you a smooth stroke and help you keep a proper face angle. It is possible to adjust the with of the Pro Put so it can truly be used by anyone.

※ Warning ※
Be sure to press in the stopper/ unlock button while adjusting the width of Pro Put. If you try to adjust it while it is locked, you may severly damage or break the device. (See the picture in Step B)

@ Open Pro Putt into a "T" shape as shown in the picture on the left.
A Open the velcro, attach the Pro Putt  to the end of the putter grip, and re-attach the velcro to secure Pro Putt in place. (See the picture on the left for reference.
B When holding the putter, the edges on the sides of the T-shape are braced between your arms. 
C Your arms should be holding Pro Put just enough so that it doesnt slip out when you stroke.