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"Team MiniBox" is a free e-mail magazine membership.

Get the Latest News and Scotty Cameron Updates

We get our Scotty Cameron putters and accessories directly from Scotty’s putter studio in California.

☆Be the 

First to Learn About Rare Items!

Team Minibox members are the first to know when we have Tour Prototype Clubs. These clubs are made exactly like the ones PGA tour players use.  We also let you know when we get exclsive American items that are not normally available in Japan.


Time Sales

Time Sales are special deals on rare items but only for a limited time. Be the first to know, and take advantage of our incredible offers! 

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Please be aware that Time Sales are only available for the dates and times specified by Minibox Golf. 

・Please understand that for Items that have a limited quantity, the sale ends when the initial stock has been sold.
If you are unaware of the procedures please contact us and we will help you register. You can also contact us by phone.

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