Face Restoration (A Minibox Original Service)  
 Face Restoration is a process that we are pioneering here at Minibox. It involves perfectly tailoring heat and chemical treatments with paint restoration. It is a delicate process that is specifically adjusted to each head. It is a similar process to the maker’s ion plating, and it enables us to get the head as close as possible to its original condition.
Before the Tune-up


After the Tune-up
(Before Face Restoration)


After the Tune-up and
Face Restoration

 During the face restoration process, we do everything to make sure that the head comes back in exquisite condition.

 Restoring the Edges of the Face            Click on the pictures to enlarge them
Face Restoration by Another
Golf Shop

Face Restoration by Minibox

 Typically, other golf shops can’t get the process right, and they are unable to restore the edges of the face properly. You can see this in the picture on the left.
As you can see in the picture on the right. Our experts can completely restore the face including the edges.

We will not do a face restoration for a head the was Hi-Cor processed at another shop.