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Will I really get an increase in distance?
This is our most frequently asked question.
The answer is yes, absolutely! It is scientifically proven beyond any doubt that increasing the amount of spring like repulsion the head places on the ball at the moment of impact, will give you more distance. A user’s guide will also be shipped to you with your tuned-up club in order to help you get that extra distance. We have tested the results with TrackMan, the world’s most accurate swing analyzer, and the numbers don’t lie.
*Results will vary from person to person, but you should see about 20 - 40 yards of increased total distance. If you select the tune-up that keeps the head within tour regulated specs, you will be able to get the maximum amount of performance based on tour regulations
Is there a way to know that my club has been tuned-up, is there any kind of certification? We take measurements of the head during the tune-up from the moment we receive it until the tune-up has been completed. We print out all of the measurement data and send it to you with your club.
Can you measure the amount of repulsive force the head produces at a golf shop? The instrument used to measure the repulsive force is not something that is typically sold to golf shops. In fact, we believe that we might be the only golf shop in the world that can do the measurements.
How exactly do you Hi-Cor process a head? It is a complicated process full of very specific details that cannot easily be answered in this forum. Our expert staff studied and trained diligently over the course of years in order to master the process.
How long does it take to tune-up a head?
We continuously measure the repulsive force of the head as we Hi-Cor process the face. During the process, the titanium needs to be brought to the proper high temperatures in order to be tuned-up. This is a very delicate process, and it typically takes 10 -14 days for us to tune up a head.
Recent drivers such as Bridgestone and Callaway have very finely detailed designs on the face. Can those be restored? Yes, even the smallest details on the face can be restored after the head has been Hi-Cor processed.

Can you also tune-up a fairway wood?
If the face is made of titanium or maraging steel, then yes, we can tune up a fairway wood. However, most fairway woods are made of stainless steel so typically we cannot. The Roddio fairways that are featured on our website are made of titanium and have shown us the best results from a tune-up. We highly recommend them if you are interested in tuned-up fairway woods.
Are the heads shown as “a tune-up combo price” already tuned-up? Can I get one shipped to me immediately? Tune-ups are performed based on a customer’s head speed, so heads are not pre-tuned-up and ready to ship. To ensure the best results, we work with customers to help them select a head to tune up, a shaft, and a grip that will work best for them. Each person is different, so each tune-up needs to be tailored differently to match the customer’s needs.

I’ve lost a lot of power and head speed because of my age. Can a tune-up really help me?
Absolutely! Actually, people with slower head speeds can see a greater amount of results from a tune-up than people with faster head speeds. A tune up based on a slower head speed increases the amount of repulsion force which has a considerable effect on the results. We will work with you step by step to help you get your distance back.
What’s the difference between getting a Hi-Cor tune-up at Minibox Golf instead of another golf shop?
We are the only golf shop in the world that uses the COR measuring device that is officially recognized by golfs governing bodies, R&A and the USGA. We have a very long and ever-increasing list of satisfied customers, and we offer ongoing support after the head has been tuned up. Other golf shops may do a tune-up improperly, and not be able to know precisely why their customer didn’t see results. We have a team of experts that know all of the specific scientific details behind the tune-up and golf in general. It is our mission to make sure you get the best results possible.
What are the head silencing and an internal weight adjustment options?
After a tune up, a head will lose between 5-11grams of weight. It is also common for the sound a head produces to increase. With the player’s head speed, the flex of the shaft, the specific characteristics of the head, and etc. in mind, we adjust the weight and the center of gravity to give you the best possible results. We restore the weight that was lost by using lead tape and also use positioning to get the center of gravity in the perfect spot. We can also silence the head so that no extra noise is produced. We highly recommend taking advantage of these options.