TrackMan Data Results 
  üčTrackMan is the most accurate golf tracking system in the world. Starting with the American Tour, it is now being used by the World Golf Organization
üčDriver used in the test: Titleist 915 D4 9.5 /ALDILA ROGUE Black Ltd
üčThe test results are based on a club head speed of 44 MPH

Before the Tune-Up

After the Tune-Up

A Closer Look at the Data

1. Head Speed
In order to achieve accurate results, after the tune-up, we hit the ball until the head speed matched the head speed of the shot recorded by the TrackMan before the tune-up.
2. Ball Speed

Even though the club head speed is exactly the same, you can see that the ball speed has increased after the tune-up. This is because the amount of spring like force pushing back on the ball at the moment of impact has increased.
3. Amount of Backspin

Even before the tune up the back spin was 1740 which shows that the person who hit the ball is quite a skilled player. An average golfer’s backspin rate is between 3500-4500. If we saw that kind of a backspin rate in the before picture, the overall distance would have been about 220-230 yards, instead of 259.8 yards. Even a skilled player whose shot was fairly maximized before a tune up was able to gain almost 20 yards of distance from the tune-up. A beginner would have the potential to gain up to 40- 50 yards of distance just from a tune-up.
4. Attack Angle 

This is the vertical angle at which the club head is moving at the moment of impact with the ball. The 3.9 angle in the “after the tune-up” picture is a great angle to help maximize the effects of the increased spring like repulsion force from the tune-up and give a better overall distance.
5. Total Distance

As mentioned before, in the images above, you can see that the player gained about 20 yards after the tune up. However, this is a very skilled player with a 1 handicap, who already had a total distance of 259.8 yards. The average golfer gets distances of about 220-230 yards, and would be able to see about a 40-50 yard increase.
6. Smash Factor

You can see that before the tune up the player got a smash factor of 1.50 on the shot. PGA Tour players get a 1.49 smash factor on average, so the 1.50 is essentially a perfect shot. If you look at the image for after the tune up, you’ll notice that the smash factor is 1.52. That is only possible because of the characteristics of the head after the tune-up.
7. Dynamic Loft

This is the loft measured at the time of impact. Heads with a high COR show great effects if the player hit’s the ball with a more upper blow type of shot.
8. Launch Angle 

This is the angle at which the ball as launched from at the moment of impact. In the images, you can see an increase from 9.8 to 11.9 after the tune up. Factors for this can include the ball position, or the way the player hit the ball.