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◆FootJoy Weather Grip for Winter & Rain ¥3,400(税込¥3,672)
 FootJoy から冬のゴルフの優れものウェザーグリップです。寒さだけではなく、雨での抜群のグリップ力で貴方のプレーをサポートします。優れた防風・保温・防水性で手の動きに忠実にフィットします。

サイズ:M / L

FootJoy's Weather Grip isn't just perfect for cold weather, it is also designed with outstanding grip capabilities in the rain. Don't let the rain or cold ruin your game again. FJ Weather Grip has windproofing, thermal insulation, and water proofing, so you can play in any weather.

Size: Medium / Large


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