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Terms of Service

Minibox Co., Ltd., hereafter referred to as “the company” offers the online shopping service based on the following terms and conditions.


Article 1: Definition of “online store”

The term “online store” refers to the Minibox Golf Online Store which is owned and operated by the company. 

Article 2: Definition of “patron”

Section 1: The term “patron” refers to someone who agrees to the following terms of service and shops using the company’s online store. By using the online store, you agree to the terms of service.

Section 2: Patrons agree to send accurate information to the company and act in good faith while using the online store. If false information has been confirmed to have been received from a patron, the company reserves the right to terminate all business with said patron in which case no refunds of payments will be given to the patron.

Article 3: Personal Information:

Section 1: In order to complete transactions, it is necessary for the company to collect certain personal information form the patron. This includes, but is not limited to, the patron’s full name, address, phone number, credit card and or other payment information. This information will be registered to the patron and stored in the company’s database.

Section 2: The personal information collected and registered in the company’s database will not be shared with any third parties unless one of the following conditions applies:

1. When the information is specifically requested by law enforcement authorities with the proper warrants for such information, or as the company is obligated to share with law enforcement authorities as dictated by the law.

2. When disclosure of the information is required by law or regulation.

3. When the company deems it necessary to protect the company’s rights, property, or sales services.

4. When it is impossible to identify an individual based on the information shared, or with specific permission from said patron.

Article 4: Product Prices

Section 1: Sometimes a price will change after the initial listing on the online store. There are also times when the new price has not been updated on the online store to reflect the price change. In such cases the company is not required to sell the product for the prior price or the online store listed price. If the price has changed, the price after the change will be applied only to transactions that happen after the change, so please understand that there will be absolutely no compensations, or discounts for a purchase that occurred before a price change to reflect the new price.

Section 2: The company tries very hard to ensure that all posted prices are accurate, however there are times when through human error, a price is incorrectly posted on the online store or in the mail magazine. In such a case, the company is not required to sell any item at the posted price. If such an error has occurred the company will attempt to contact the patron about the error and inform the patron of the proper price. The company may then confirm the patron’s intent to purchase said item at the proper price. In such a case, it is also possible to cancel an order. If a patron has been able to purchase and receive an item for a mistakenly posted or printed price and not the actual price, the patron agrees to pay the remaining price difference to the company.

Section 3: The online store price and the physical store price do not always match. Without special notice, some items have an online store only price. Please be aware that the company will not sell items for the online store only price at the physical store.


Article 5: Sales Contract

The products and processes describe on the company website and online store are for the use of the patron. The patron cannot engage in the selling or reselling of goods or services provided by the company. Without any prior notice, the company reserves the right to, at its sole discretion, suspend all services and withhold the transactions of any products from patrons who are deemed to be in violation of this term.

Section 1: When a patron wishes to purchase a product or service, it will be done so in a method specified by the company.

Section 2: At the moment the patron clicks the “confirm order” button, said patron has applied to enter into a sales contract with the company based on the above stated terms. This is regardless of the product or service selected, the payment method, the delivery method, or the delivery location.


Section 6: Completing a Purchase and Delivery Methods

Section 1: Product or service purchase prices can be paid via bank transfer, cash on delivery, or credit card transactions.

Section 2: The purchase method decided on the patron’s order screen cannot be changed after the sales contract in article five has been established.

Section 3: Before making a payment via credit card please be sure of the following:

 1. Payment by credit card is only accepted by credit cards accepted by the company. The patron must use any credit card in accordance with the membership or cardholder agreement established by the credit card company.

2. The name of the Patron who has entered into the sales contract with the company must be the same as the name of the cardholder on the credit card used for payment.

3. If a dispute between a patron and a credit card company arises, the dispute must be reolved between the credit card company and the patron, the company (Minibox Co., Ltd.) shall not be liable for any damages.


Article 7: Returns and Exchanges

(Possibility of Return)

Mistake by the company: If there has been a mistake by the company, an item can be returned if the patron contacts the company within seven days of its completed delivery. As a rule, products cannot be returned simply based on the patron’s discretion or convenience. Such returns will not be accepted. In the case of specially processed products such as items that have been tuned up through high core processing. Such items have been altered from their initially selling condition and as such cannot be returned under any circumstances. Please see the following return conditions below:

(Conditions of Returns)

We will accept returns only if the following conditions are met.

*The product is initially defective

*The item the patron receives is a different item than the one ordered

We cannot accept the return of the following items:

*Items that have been reported to the company more than seven days after their arrival

*Items that have been damaged to the negligence or actions of the patron

*Items that have been opened or used.

(Shipping costs for Returns)

In the case that an item has met the requirements and has been approved by the company for return, the company shall bear the cost of shipping the return item. Therefore, the company asks that the patron return the item via cash on delivery to the following address:

ATTN: Returns


988-1 SHIMANO-Machi



Post NO:370-0015

(Refund Procedure)

In the event that the company deems a refund to the patron appropriate, a refund will be issued within seven days of the company’s receipt of the return item. The refund will be transferred to a specified account and the company will bear the cost of the transfer fee.



Article 8: Disclaimers:

Section 1: The company does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the price indication, item descriptions, or other information related to the services or products on the online store or the Minibox Golf website.

Section 2: All products or services purchased by the patron via the online store shall be guaranteed only by each item’s or service’s pre-specified warranty. The company does not offer any additional warranties or guarantees.

Section 3: The company shall not be held liable for any shipments of items or advertisements to an address that was reported to the company by a patron at the time of purchase. If the patron has given the company an incorrect address, or has changed addresses after the purchase, the patron bears all liabilities. The patron also bears the responsibility of giving the company accurate and up to date contact and shipping information. The company shall also not be held liable for trying to contact a patron based on the contact information the patron has reported. If contact information is not correct or not up to date, the patron bears all liabilities.

Section 4: In the event that an item cannot be delivered due to the absence of a patron, despite the item being shipped as specified in the purchasing process, and the company has not been able to successful contact or be contacted by said patron for a period of 2 weeks from the expected delivery date, the company may cancel the sales contract.

Section 5: The company’s online store uses SSL encryption, which is recommended by credit card companies, in order to protect a patron’s personal information. This includes payment information such as credit card details. However, the company does not guarantee the safety of such information, and as such will not be held liable in the case of any incident related to the patrons information on the online store, or the Minibox Golf website.

Section 6: Regardless of the causes of legal claims, the company shall not be held liable in any case for any damages, losses, or disadvantages related to products or services purchased from the company. The company shall also bear no responsibilities other than those stipulated in this “Terms of Use” agreement.

Supplementary Provisions:

This agreement will be in effect from May 30th 2015

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