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◆ALDILA ROGUE Limited Edition Tour Silver ¥86,400 (Tax included)
Flex Type 

US PGA Tour Shaft

Since Japan does not usually get PGA Tour supplies, most Japanese players are unaware of these shafts. The Rogue Limited Edition Tour Silver is a new custom shaft from the club maker and PGA Tour supplier ALDILA. There are other shafts that may look similar on the market, however the material the Rogue Limited Edition is made from is a different story entirely, and that material makes all the difference. Made from special graphitic carbon, a light weight material that is harder than steel at a fraction of the weight, the ALDILA Rogue Limited Edition is the number one driver shaft on the PGA Tour. Every shaft comes with a serial number and a certificate of authenticity.


Please contact us about installing this shaft on a new head or replacing your current shaft.

Tel: 027-388-0707 

ALDILA ROGUE Limited Edition Tour Silver Specs
Model Flex Weight Length Torgue Bend Point
Tour Silver 125 60 Tour R 64g 46" 3.5 Mid-High
Tour Silver 125 60 Tour S 65g 46" 3.4 Mid-High
Tour Silver 125 60 Tour X 66g 46" 3.3 Mid-High

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