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Masterpeiece Clubs Made at Any Cost!!

These clubs are not commonly sold, and don’t appear on Acushnet Japan’s item lists. They were specially designed for customers in America. By ignoring the manufacturing costs entirely, Titleist was able to focusing solely on designing the most ideal clubs possible, and the unbelievable results are here, the first masterpiece clubs in the history of golf.

About the Model Name: Concept 16

To make the ideal drivers and irons, Titleist had to think beyond the established ideas about golf clubs and push the limits of technology to bring their designs to life.

The model series was named Concept 16 because it was completed in 2016 and designed using the concept of “ignoring all the costs”.

The C16 Driver

Normally only available by purchasing and fitting directly through special Titleist locations, this triple hybrid titanium driver is extremely rare even in America. Titleist themselves have said that this high quality titanium driver is the greatest driver that Titleist has ever produced.

Player Benifits

The driver’s cup face forging can obtain a greater distance by increasing the ball’s initial speed and maximizing carry.

About the Technology

The driver features a crown face body made from the world’s first combination of 3 varieties of the most suitable titanium per part. This is an unbelievable breakthrough in golf club making technology.

The ATI-425 Titanium Crown

Because titanium can be extremely thin and flexible it allows for more discretionary mass which allows for a low positioning of the center of gravity.

The SP700 Titanium Face

The TI811 Titanium Body

The body is cast from the light weight TI811 to give the player a higher ball speed and less spin.


About the Adjustable Weight and the Moment of Inertia:

Being able to move the center of gravity position from the neutral position to the heel or to the side alleviates a player’s missed shots and produces more accurate shots.  

Titanium Crown
SP700 Cup face TI8-1-1
Taitanium Body
CG Weight
Loft  9° / 10.5°


These are Hybrid Irons that will no doubt be engraved in the history of golf. With the Ideal body, face, and weight, these irons are clearly products of the “ignore all costs” concept. They are designed to give the player the maximum amount of carry distance as well as the maximum amount of forgiveness. They are absolutely state of the art and offer the highest launch angle, furthest carry, and most stability. They truly are Titleist’s greatest Irons to date. 

Player Benifits
The Irons are made from a composite of three materials to give a high density ultralight body. This can give the player a significant reduction of miss shots.
About the Technology

The Forged Stainless Steel Cup Face:

The #4~#7 have a face forged from K301 stainless steel which provides a face spring effect that increases the balls initial speed and helps to maximize distance. The #8~AW have an ultra-thin HT1770 stainless steel face to maximize carry distance.

The Ultra-thin 17-4 Body:

Three different types of steel were used to create a lightweight design with the ideal weight allocated with tungsten. Adopting the ultra-high density and high density tungsten made it possible to obtain a sufficient amount of mass in a small volume.

Multi material
Hollow construction
Forged High-Strength
steel Cup face
Thin wall 17-4 Body High density
Tungsten weighting
  4 5 6 7 8 9 P W
Loft 22 25 28 31 35 39 43 47
Lie 61 62 62.5 63 63.5 64 64 64
Offset .209" .177" .157" .137" .118" .110" .098" .091"
Length 38.5" 38" 37.5" 37" 36.5" 36" 35.75" 35.5"
4 - PW・W (8 Head)

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