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Unbelievable Carry Distance! (with a Hi-COR Tune-Up)

  Scientifically proven to increase ball flight.
Hi-COR processed
heads include 

・Ongoing Customer Support・
・A User's Guide・
to help you get more distance.
  Tune-Ups done incorrectly can permanately damage a club, but dont worry, our specialists are experts in the science behind golf club functionality.  



The Latest 2016 Model + HI-Cor Tune-Up
The regular price of a tune up is ¥59,650, but you can get a special discount with the Tune-Up Combo  

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Tune-Up Your Current Clubs

Schedule a Tune-Up

Even though we don't carry(Bridgestone・XXIO・Mizuno・Honma・Japan Taylor・
Ryouma, and etc.) in our store, we have experience tuning-up well over 4,000 clubs of those brands. 
*Regardless of the maker, newer heads obatain better results than older heads.
*Being able to tune-up fairway woods and utility clubs depends on the material that the face is made from. Contact us for consoltations.

◆ There are two types of Tune-ups ◆

Type A: 
Tune-Up Within Tournament Guidelines:  a club with a CT 237/COR 0.8213 can be tunned-up to a point that falls just within the high end limits of tournament rules.

Type B: 
Take it to the Max: Tune up your club to its absolute maximum potential. For example a club with a CT 237/COR 0.8213 can be tunned-up to 
CT 298/ COR 0.8479  This tune-up is based on a head speed of 41 
*If the headspeed is slower, the coefficient of restitution will be higher.*

Selecting a Tune-Up Set
*Consult with a Specialist to order TEL: 027-388-0707 *
Business Hours: 10:00A.M. 〜 7:00 P.M  Closed: Sundays / National Holidays

Guide for Selecting a Club

1. Clubs With a Higher Loft

The most recent drivers from 2014 and onward have been desgined with an increased loft in order to minimize backspin and maximize cary and overall distance. They truly perform like different clubs entirely compared to heads from before 2014.
For the best possible results it's important to choose a head with a higher loft. For those who have been using a 9.5 head, we recommend switching to a 10.5 at a minimum and if possible an 11.5 head. 10.5 heads have become the standard for American tour players with good reason.

Increasing the loft alone will not give similar results. Matching a higher loft with the appropriate head speed and then customising the tune-up to fit the player is essential. Contact our specialists for consultation.
2. Other Things to Consider When Choosing a Head:

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a head that's right for you. What kind of trajectory do you hit? (high trajectory, mid trajectory, low trajectory)What is your typical head speed? And of course, the physical characteristics of the head; the difference in the material the head is made from, the center of gravity, the head crown, and the face can all change the aspects of the tune-up. If all of these factors aren't adjusted for properly during the tune-up, it can greatly reduce the results. Therefore it is essesntial to consult with our specialists and choose the head and tune-up that is right for you. 

3. Choosing a Shaft

In order to see results from the tune up, it is important to select a shaft that increases the launch angle and gives you more control of the ball durring the upper blow. The shaft should be selected based on its weight and firmness in relation to the head and its tune-up.

Please understand that the way newer heads are made is completely different from older heads, so a shaft that gave you great results ten years ago will not give you the same kind of results. The shaft needs to be selected based on what is best for a particular head and a particular tune-up. 

For more detailed information, please consult our specialists.


About Ordering
You can order or consult with our specialists online, or you can contact us by phone: 

TEL: 027-388-0707

Please look through items 1-6 below to see how the process works and what kind of options are available.

Choose a (New Head+ Tune -Up Combo) or Tune-Up Your Current Club   


Choose (Tune-Up Type A) or (Tune-Up Type B) 


Find Out Your Head Speed

  If there are no facilities in your area where you can measure your club speed, we can loan you a club speed measuring device by special request.

Sending in Your Current Club

  Sending in your entire club (the head still attached to the shaft) will enable us to give you the best possible support concerning balance, weight, and etc. 

Ship to:


988-1 SHIMANO-Machi



Post NO:370-0015

TEL: 027-388-0707

Face Restoration  Price ¥28,800 (Tax Included)

Before Tune-Up

After Tune-Up
(Without Face Restoration)

After Tune-Up
(With Face Restoration)

Before Tune-Up
 Face Restoration 

Bridgestone JGR Driver

Every detail on the face is meticulously resored to its original condition.

After Tune-Up
(With Face Restoration)

Available Options:〔Head Internal Weight Adjustment・Sound Muffling〕   Price ¥5,400(Tax Included)

  Depending on the tune-up, the head's weight may be reduced by 5-10 grams.
In order to return the head to its original weight, we add lead tape (free of charge). You can also choose to add metal as an option that muffles the sound while simaltenously increasing the flight distance. Because of the increased results, we highly reccomend this option. 
※Click Here for More Details 

We adjust the internal weight depending on the club model and head speed in order to maximize the effects of the tune-up. Also, the weight must be adjusted according to the length of the club. 

Tune-Up Details
  What's a Tune-Up?   Trackman Data Results
  Face Line Pattern Restoration 
  Center of Gravity Adjustment   Frequently Asked Questions   Why Choose a Newer Model?  
  Why We Recommend U.S. Brands   Why a Higher Head Loft Gets Better Results   The Importance of Score Line Restoration  
  Head Characteristics   Cosulting With Our Specialists   Ongoing Customer Support  
  The Science behind the Tune-Up   Head Silencing    Face Restoration  

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