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Callaway XR16
  LOFT: 9°/10.5°/13.5°      Lefty: 9°/10.5°
VOLUME: 460cc        LENGTH: 45.75inch
SHAFT: Fujikura Speeder Evolution 565RED (L)(R)(S)(X)

Callaway XR16 Driver Tune-Up  
Speeder 565 Shaft        
Club Price ¥85,320+Tune-Up Price ¥59,650=¥144,970 (Regular Price) 
Tune-Up Combo Price ¥115,976 Tax Included
To order, click here to contact us, or cotact via telephone
TEL: 027-388-0707
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Right・Left Handed  
Standard Shaft
Tune-Up Type
Average Head Speed   ※If you have a head spead of 49m/s or higher please select「ルールギリギリ範囲内」
Face Restoration 
Internal Weight Adjustment・Head Silencing    
(For those who do not choose the weight adjustment option, we will enclose lead tape in the amount of weight that the head lost during the tune-up. Please followe the user's manual to properly apply the lead tape.)

Shaft Specs
  Fujikura Speeder 565  
Length (inch) 45.75  
Flex L R S X  
Weight 57 59 60 60  
Torque mid mid mid low-mid  
Bend Point mid mid mid mid-high  
Option Details  

Face Restoratio

Internal Weight Adjustment・Head Silencing

Tax Included

Tax Included

Click here for details

Click here for details
Time to Complete an Order: It takes about 2 weeks for us to tune-up a head. Please understand that it can take an additional week if you choose to have the face restored. If the item you selected is out of stock, we will order it from the USA. We will contact you via e-mail with all of the details.
When you order a tune up, please understand that you are agreeing to a process that will void the manufacturer's warranty.

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