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Schedule a Tune-Up for a Driver That You Currently Use

We can tune-up your current driver.
We accept both Japanese and American models.

Tune-Up Price: ¥59,650 (Tax Included) 

You can also choose to have the face restored to it'ts original condition. The price only applies to faces that are not originally silver.
Face Restoration:¥28,800 (Tax Included)  
We make sure that everything including the edges of the face and the crown paint are restored to their original condition.

To order, click here to contact us, or cotact via telephone
TEL: 027-388-0707
Or you can fill out the form below.

※We cannot tune-up a TaylorMade Gloire Reserve driver.
This is because the TaylorMade Gloire Reserve Driver is not made of titanium or maraging steel.

Fill out the following information to schedule a tune-up for your current driver.

What is your average head speed?  

What type of tune-up that you would like?

What is the name, make, and model of the driver you want to send in for a tune-up?


Face Restoration     
Internal Weight Adjustment / Head Silencing  

You can also schedule a tune-up or consult with our specialists via telephone.


Or you can click、
here to contact us.

Time to Complete an Order
It takes about 2 weeks for us to tune-up a head. Please understand that it can take an additional week if you choose to have the face restored. 

≪Manufacturer's Warranty≫
When you order a tune up, please understand that you are agreeing to a process that will void the manufacturer's warranty.


※Please be sure to fill out the name, make, and model of the driver you want to have tunned up。

Send in your driver for a tune up to:



988-1 SHIMANO-Machi



Post NO:370-0015

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