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◆M's Design Athlete Design Slim Staff Bag (Neon Blue) ¥84,240 (Tax Included)

A beautiful and easy to use slim tour bag. The base of the bag is 9 inches and provides excellent stability. It has a front pocket and a back magnetic pocket maximizing the convience of this slim bag.

*Twin bolt holders
*Umbrella pocket
*Space for embroidering your own name
*Minibox dolphin logo on the base
*5 campartment separator
*Reinforced metal handle
*PU leather finish
*3 point shoulder strap with tour cover

8.5 inch
5 compartments
4 kg
4.7 inch hood

Available in:
Neon Green, Neon Blue, and Silver,

All bags are non-glossy and have grey accents and grey lettering.

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