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◆Just Hitter ¥6,150 (Tax Included)
  Just hitter is designed to help you master hitting from the sweet spot of the putter. The LED light will indicate whether or not your shot accurately hit the sweet spot. The Just Hitter has two difficulty settings that fall within all ranges, from beginner to professional tour player. It's ideal for people who want to improve their shots without drastically adjusting their swing style. Whether you want to get a better roll on the green or master your short shots, the Just Hitter is here to help.   

@ Peel the just hitter sensor from the transparant sheet. Be sure to pull gently as to not break the sensor. As demonstrated in the pictures on the left, do not pull in such a way that wires start to come out of the sensors.
A As shown in the picture, atatch the sensor to the face of the putter so that the red circle is in the center of the face.
B Attatch the body of the sensor to the shaft of the putter, and then switch on the just hitter.

C There are two difficulty settings.「・」is for beginner to average, and「・・」is for average to professional.
◆How to make sure you attaching the sensor in the proper place ◆
・Hold the club softly with your fingers.
・Push gently on the head with a tee so that the putter moves.
・Find the place where when pushed the head will go stright back. (That is the sweet spot)
※The sweet spot will always be in the center of the head, and will not be on the sides.※

・If done properly, you should be able to easily find the sweet spot.

・Once you have found the sweet spot, attatch the sensor so that the ◎ is directly over the sweet spot.

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