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  Scotty Cameron Scotty Dog SSS Milled Buckle


Standard length is 100cm (フリーサイズ カット式)

Larger sizes can be ordered
*Measurements are based from the center hole (of the five holes) to the point of the clip: Please see the diagram above.

100cm〜110cm   additional charge ¥3,980 (Tax Included)
110cm〜120cm   additional charge ¥4,980 (Tax Included)
120cm〜130cm   additional charge ¥5,980 (Tax Included)
130cm〜140cm   additional charge ¥7,980 (Tax Included)

It is sometimes possible to place an order if the sock is sold out. Please contact us for detials.

All belts are handmade to order. As such, it can take about 2 weeks for a belt to be finished once it has been ordered. 

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